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Paddy is the anti abandonment device that helps you in everyday life to monitor the presence of your child in the car
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How it works

Watch how Paddy smart pad works to ensure your children safety.

What's Paddy

Paddy is the easy to use anti-abandonment system. Simply place the pad on your baby car seat and download the PADDY APP. In case your child is left alone in the car, PADDY will warn you with an acoustic signal, by flashing the LED of the camera and by vibrating your phone.

How it works

PADDY alerts via APP if the child has been abandoned in the vehicle. The APP warns by means of an acoustic signal, by flashing the LED of the camera and by vibrating the phone.
If the alarm is not deactivated, the system sends a message indicating the GPS coordinates of the place where the alarm was generated to the predefined phone numbers.
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    PADDY detects the presence of the child in the car seat.

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    PADDY, by means of a sound alarm, alerts the driver when the child is left unattended.

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    The system sends SMS to a list of predefined phone numbers, indicating the position of the alarm.


It’s the OPTIONAL keychain alarm that gives even
more security to the PADDY system, activating when:

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    the smartphone is not activated within
    30 seconds after sending the alarm.

  • null
    the smartphone is unloaded, turned off,
    or has been left in the car.

PADDY ALERT also allows you to operate the system without having to download the PADDY APP, activating itself via Bluetooth when the driver moves away from the car by 10-15 metres.



universal anti-abandonment device

optional keychain alarm

universal anti-abandonment device + keychain alarm

Download the APP

PADDY Smart Pad APP is available for iOs and Android devices.